If you are currently packing your things for a vacation in Russia, we advise you to hold on and go through this packing guide first as there are essential things that you must take with you to Russia which you’ve probably not considered taking yet. Take a look at this packing list before leaving for Russia in order to avoid troubles when you get there:

  • Power converter

A power converter is really obvious but most people always seem to forget theirs. So, bring your power converter just in case you’ll be using non-European electrons when you get there.

  • Umbrella

The weather in Russia is unpredictable, you know? Even if you’ll be traveling in the summer, we’d advise you still bring your umbrella, especially if you are going to St. Petersburg or northern Russia.

  • Scarf

Generally, it’s really good to bring layers with you. A scarf will be useful especially for women who are planning to visit religious monuments. This is not exactly obligatory but it is religiously appreciated.

  • Souvenirs

It’s usually nice to bring some souvenirs with you, no matter how little especially if you’ll be staying with a host or if you’ll be spending most of your time with Russians. Mugs, key chains, t-shirts and so on are small gifts that will be truly appreciated.

  • Money belt

If you’ll be going to St. Petersburg or Moscow and you have huge plans to see various tourist attractions, you want to make sure your money is secured. So, we recommend a money belt, a fanny pack could also do the trick for you; just get something that will sit close to your body. It doesn’t end there; you have to keep an eye on it.

  • Visa

Make sure you keep your visa with you before traveling and make sure it is valid on the day you’ll be traveling. Also, you should always carry your visa with you wherever you are going just in case of unexpected police checks.

  • Rubles

It’s somewhat difficult and or even impossible at times to use a debit or credit card in Russia, that’s why we advise travelers to always have some cash on them. We recommend having at least 30 USD, which is about 1000 Rubles or more. Ensure the bills are in good condition because rejecting damaged bills is common amongst people in Russia.

Needless to say, make sure your bags are easy for you to carry. Many metro stations in Russia don’t have escalators, but huge staircases you have to climb to get in and out of the station.  Our group learned fast that gathering souvenirs is tough climbing up and down the metro stairs.  We spent a week in St. Petersburg to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our painting business (ChandlerPaintingPros.com)

Also, if you plan to enjoy the nightlife in Russia, bring nice clothes with you. Most clubs in St. Petersburg and Moscow have a strict dress code and won’t let you into the club if you are not up to their dressing standards. Jeans and t-shirts can work for the bar but not for the club.