Traveling Cheap

Buenos Aries is not exactly a cheap city but you can still spend your vacation even on a small budget by doing certain things like making most of your meals yourself, buying groceries at the right places, using public transport and taking advantage of virtually all the free activities.

Where to stay

To be honest, hostels are not so great in Buenos Aries. The kitchens are often gross and poorly equipped. Rather than staying in hostels, you can live in Palermo. We can recommend two hostels that have nice bathrooms, dorms, common areas and kitchens.

  • Giramondo – they are one of the cheapest hostels with superb breakfast. Situated in a convenient location and their workers are nice and courteous.
  • Eco Pampa Hostel Palermo – this hostel may be a bit out of your budget but they also have great breakfast, good facilities and also in a good location.

The restaurants

These are our favorite restaurants, arranged from the most expensive to the cheapest:

  1. Sarkis – expatriates, locals, and visitors love this American restaurant so dearly. The portions are usually huge and the food is also great, and also authentic. It is located on the Thames, which is a block west of Cordoba in Villa Crespo.
  2. La Cabrera – you’ll most likely have the best steak of your life here. It is located in Palermo Soho.
  3. Lo de Jesus – though, this restaurant doesn’t have the feel of La Cabrera, but the stick is still nice and you don’t have to wait too long for a table, it’s just a stone throw from La Cabrera
  4. Siga La Vaca – a bottle of wine per person comes with the meal. You can come here with your friends to have a fun experience.
  5. La Mamma Rosa – you’ll have the best Italian dish in Buenos Aries here, and the prices are totally affordable. The noquis, Raviolis, and cannellones are excellent, and both the salsa blanaand salsa mamma rosataste incredible.


  1. Post Bar
  2. Cava Jufre
  3. Magdalena’s Party
  4. BuenoBirra Social Club

Top activities

  1. Agenda cultural
  2. La Rural Exhibition Center