Do you exist on your great Tunisian vacation? Well, you should be because this place is not only going to feed your eyes with lovely scenery but it will also make your stomach full with its delicious delicacy. Learn what Tunisia has to offer when it comes to food and fall in love more with this country. 


Bambalouni are conventional Tunisian doughnuts that are particularly famous in the town of Sidi Bou Said. They are made with flour, heated water, yeast, and salt. After the mixture has been readied, it is seared in hot oil until brilliant earthy colored, and the doughnuts are then sprinkled with sugar on top. They’re very simple and not too sweet. However, they are very flavourful. You are going to love pairing it with a coffee.


Kafteji is a customary Tunisian dish made with singed vegetables. Ordinary veggies utilized in the dish incorporate eggplants, ringer peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchinis, and pumpkins. The vegetables are seared, slashed, at that point joined with (regularly singed) eggs and flavors. It’s irresistibly delicious.


Harissa is a conventional zesty glue beginning from Tunisia. This hot glue is made with roasted red peppers as the fundamental fixing, alongside olive oil and flavors and spices, for example, cumin, coriander, caraway, and garlic. You can have lunch or dinner.


Fricassee is a conventional Tunisian sandwich that is pressed with flavor, yet in addition with heaps of calories. The base is made with flour, eggs, oil, salt, water, and yeast, and it is then formed into round or lengthened moves which are singed in hot oil and loaded up with fish, hummus, bubbled eggs, escapades, olives, harissa, and bubbled potatoes. This is a very powerful and flavourful dish so get your tummy ready.


Msemen is a customary Moroccan flatbread made with a mix of flour, semolina, sugar, salt, yeast, warm water, oil, and explained margarine. The batter is massaged until it gets smooth, and bits of it are then leveled and molded into squares. It is chewy and you can pair it with a coffee or tea. Make sure you try this as well.